Aeroplan extends Elite Status & pauses points expiration until Jan 2022

There’s some great news today from Air Canada’s Aeroplan program. In light of the pandemic, Aeroplan announced some adjustments that should benefit their members till the end of 2022.

Notably, Aeroplan points won’t expire until Jan 2022! Also, Aeroplan Elite Status is being extended through 2022 and it will be easier to earn Elite Status that year.

Plus, there’s now the ability to convert your Air Canada Buddy Pass into 30,000 Aeroplan points!

Here are the details from today’s Aeroplan announcement.

Temporary pause to expiration of Aeroplan points

Aeroplan has paused points expiry until January 30, 2022 (from the current date of June 30, 2021). This means that you’ll be able to keep (and redeem) any Aeroplan points that were set to expire in 2021.

Usually, your Aeroplan points expire after 18 months, if there hasn’t been any activity (earning, redeeming, donating or transferring points) in your account. As of Jan 31, 2022, this normal Aeroplan expiration policy will resume.

Another way to prevent your Aeroplan points from ever expiring is to have a co-branded Aeroplan credit card. Check out my post with the best Aeroplan credit cards from CIBC, TD & Amex.

Aeroplan Elite Status extended through 2022

This is probably the best news for Aeroplan members. Whatever your Aeroplan Elite Status in 2021, this will be automatically extended until the end of 2022! This means that Aeroplan 25k, 35k, 50k, 75k and Super Elite members can benefit of their status perks on Air Canada flights until 2022.

Plus, Elite members will be able to select benefits (like eUpgrade credits, bonus points and status passes) once again in early 2022. Also, since all Aeroplan Elite status members will receive 20 eUpgrade credits in early 2022, any eUpgrade credits valid in 2021 will not be extended.

Also, if you achieve Aeroplan Elite Status again in 2021 with Air Canada and it’s partners, your Status Qualifying Miles (SQM), Segments (SQS) and Dollars (SQD) will be rolled over to 2022. This would help jump-start your Elite Status qualification for 2022. 

So for 2021, you need to earn at minimum:

  • 25,000 SQM or 25 SQS
  • At least 3,000 SQD (1,500 SQD for non-Canadian residents)

This would give you Aeroplan 25k Status. Plus, all your SQM, SQS, and SQD would be added to your qualification balance in 2022.

Learn more about Aeroplan Elite Status.

Convert your Air Canada Buddy Pass into 30,000 Aeroplan points

With certain Aeroplan co-branded credit cards (like the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card), you can earn an Air Canada Buddy Pass after spending a certain amount. When you book a paid economy class ticket with Air Canada, the buddy pass allows you to bring along a second person for (almost) FREE! But, you still need to pay the taxes and fees on the second ticket. 

Now, according to some other Canadian travel blogs, you can exchange your Buddy Pass into 30,000 Aeroplan points!!! This tremendous offer is ideal for those who can’t use the Buddy Pass (notably a solo traveller) or wish to accrue their Aeroplan balance.

Although, Air Canada isn’t publicly promoting this offer and you have to call into the Aeroplan contact centre to perform this exchange. Plus, there are rumours that this option will only be available until April 30, 2021 so don’t delay if you want those 30,000 points!


Today’s Air Canada announcement is great news overall for Aeroplan members. Highlights include:

  • Points won’t expire until Jan 31, 2022
  • Aeroplan Elite Status extension through 2022
  • Jumpstart on earning status with SQM, SQS & SQDs rolling over into 2022

Plus, there’s also now the (unpublished) ability to convert your Air Canada Buddy Pass into a massive 30,000 Aeroplan points!

Are you happy with these Aeroplan announcements? Let me know in the comments below.

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